Pumps & Compressors

Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargePump and compressor components experience extended wear life when coated with Armoloy TDC. Whether cast iron or stainless steel, clearances are maintained, and even repairs can be made to a coated component without compromising the coating's adhesion to the base metal.

In applications involving severe corrosion, Bi-Protec is an unparalleled engineering solution. A dual-layer process, Bi-Protec employs an under-layer of electroless nickel up to .003" thick, followed by a standard application of .0002" of Armoloy TDC.

The Armoloy coatings provide longer, uninterrupted life to pump and compressor components, whether the material being conveyed is wet or dry, abrasive or corrosive.

Common applications include housings, rotors, end plates, ports, and lock nuts.

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