Nyflon 25 is a co-deposit of electroless nickel and PTFE (Teflon©). Unlike competing electroless nickel/PTFE coatings, which involve the application of PTFE to the electroless nickel layer in a secondary process, the PTFE element of Nyflon 25 is a component of the electroless nickel bath itself. This denser, more uniform distribution of PTFE particles within the entire thickness of the deposit insures constancy of lubrication throughout the lifetime of the application.

At standard deposits in the range of .0002/.0005", Nyflon 25 is recommended for sliding applications, in which a coefficient of friction as low as .07 is achievable, and plastics-forming applications from injection molding to thermoforming, where it provides excellent release of the formed part from the tool.

Nyflon 25 can be applied to all common tool steels, as well as stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum.

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