What are the Armoloy TDC and XADC coatings?
Armoloy TDC (thin dense chrome) is a proprietary, 78 Rc chrome coating. XADC employs the Armoloy TDC solution as its base, but is infused with a synthetic diamond particulate, which is responsible for its extreme hardness quotient (98 Rc). Both coatings, at a microscopic level, provide a nodular – as opposed to flat – surface finish.

How thick are the coatings?
Standard deposit thickness for both Armoloy TDC and XADC is .0001/.0003" per surface. However, deposit thicknesses as low as .000050" per surface are common and effective.

How are the coatings applied?
The coatings are applied electrolytically, following the general principles of electroplating, but employing proprietary chemistry and unique fixturing methods and materials. As the process is "cold" – parts are exposed to temperatures no higher than 160˚ F during the coating process – there is no risk of heat-induced damage such as annealing or warping.

What are the benefits of the coatings?
Armoloy TDC and XADC serve three primary purposes:

  1. Wear resistance, due to the coatings' surface hardness.
  2. Friction reduction, due to the coatings' nodular finish.
  3. Corrosion resistance, equivalent to 440C stainless steel.

What types of materials can be coated?
Nearly every ferrous and non-ferrous steel can be coated, including such common steels as S-7, H-13, A-2, D-2, hot and cold roll, all stainless steel alloys, copper alloys such as Moldmax and Ampcoloy, brass, and bronze.

Is the hardness of the substrate an issue?
Generally, the harder the substrate the more effectively the coatings will perform. Nearly every component Armoloy of Illinois handles has undergone some sort of heat treatment prior to processing. In the case of softer metals such as copper alloys, where substrate hardness cannot be greatly improved, the coatings still provide excellent protection against abrasive wear, without inhibiting the alloy's properties of thermal diffusion.

Standard hard chrome is prone to chipping or flaking – is this the case with the Armoloy coatings?
No. Armoloy of Illinois guarantees an absolute bond with the substrate. The coatings will not chip, flake, or peel under normal operating conditions.

Can the coatings be safely removed?
Yes. Armoloy of Illinois routinely removes and reapplies its coatings without damage to the base metal. A part coated with Armoloy TDC or XADC may also be repaired while still coated, without disturbing the absolute adhesion of the surrounding coating.